Ario company is about to construct a big housing community in the province of Erbil under the name (Lana City), it is 204 m higher than the citadel and 634 m over sea level, it is located beside (Dashti Bahasht, Zhyan City, Atlantic & Ozal City) projects.

The total units of Lana City are 719 housing units, they are executed with consideration and in accordance with engineering, area and civil standards.

The project consists of 464 houses with 200 m2 of area, 55 houses with 300 m2 of area, and 5 residential apartments with 10 floors; each consists of four flats, that means 200 flats. The apartments are designed to resist the earthquakes, the also contain all luxury means like Lifts, special area for waste removal, private car parking, emergency stairs and many other services like water and power distributing network, internet, paved roads, wide green areas, in addition to many other facilities like mosques, men and women staterooms, a 18 classed school, shopping center and many supermarkets, the whole facilities are well designed and distributed in the area of the project to benefit all residents.

The whole units are built in accordance with the highest quality and modern standards.… Lana city is very important for the development of the society regarding to the high standards of services, proper lifestyles, and healthy environments for a better life.

Lana city undertakes the provision of a luxurious and peaceful life in the apartments and houses. They are designed in a way that each is adequate for 8 persons, they are also resistant to the weather damages and cracks as their foundations are made of one-piece of reinforced concrete, as a result they resist the earthquakes and natural disasters, their interior are very peaceful and do not let sounds to come in. the doors are made of wood and the windows are made of high quality PVC, they resist the corrosion.

The outer side of the houses and apartment are covered with (Strapor, alabaster and porcelain), and the window frames are decorated with strapor and and special stones, the iPhone will be installed for each unit according to its plan, so you can live peacefully in Lana city.

The project is supplied with emergency power resources; it is also supplied with 7 MW of power with underground stores for fresh water.

All over the area, there are pedestrian roads for walking, they cross the gardens and green zones, and they are also supplied with photocell lighting for evenings and nights. In addition to this, there is CCTV system installed for the whole city.

The city includes Malls, Cafeterias, Rest sites, and public and private car parks.

The purpose of Lana city is to provide a peaceful, luxurious, secured, and entertaining environment for the citizens of iraq.




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